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PLEASE READ! ALL order numbers 8000 and under have been made and shipped. If you have not received your tracking information yet you will this week as they are scheduled to be sent to you. Currently working on the 8000s. Thats means we are almost done! If you need to make any changes to your bundle, Requesting a design, need a different size, want to exchange two T-shirts instead of a sweatshirt, please email to make those changes. If there is a certain design or color that you do not want please let us know! If you do not hear a response back within 24 hours, please email again! We are working as quickly as possible. Things are moving much smoother and faster now as we have worked out all of the kinks. We thank you from the bottom of your hearts for being so patient with us. Going viral was not in our plans. Getting thousands of orders overnight. We are so very grateful, and extremely stressed 🤣 But we are almost to the finish line and excited for our much needed break! ** When we do open back up, we will be doing only ready to ship bundles(limited) and having weekly bundle drops instead with new designs every week. Meaning they will ship out in 1 to 3 business days so there is no wait time. We will also have custom bundles and they will be very limited. Sign up for SMS text and/or Emails to receive when we open back up! 😊** If there is absolutely anything wrong with your order, please email us. We will fix it! New update will be posted on July 1sten

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